Burger King

Did you know there are more than 200,000 ways to customize a Whopper®? In true “Have It Your Way” fashion, Burger King set out to educate Guests on this little-known fact with a comprehensive brand campaign centered around its flagship flame-grilled sandwich. The task: find a way to drive both media and social conversations (without paid support) in the most visually compelling way possible.

The team created the BK Cryptex – a unique, custom 3D-printed combination puzzle box that could only be opened by solving themed clues and entering the exact number of possible Whopper Combinations (221,184). The Cryptex was shipped off to 50 influencers before taking social media by storm, going viral overnight, and racking up more than 45 million organic views across top social platforms. To round out the effort, the team dug deep with Burger King to leverage Whopper sales data from coast to coast, uncovering “which hamburger-loving states reign supreme.” These insights were used to create a superlative-style infographic that definitively — and proudly — highlighted Whopper customization preferences by state. Just in time for National Hamburger Day!


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