Planet Fitness

Love at First Lift: A Planet Fitness Wedding

Planet Fitness fulfilled the wishes of a lovely Cincinnati couple, Joe and Stephanie, whose relationship began because of their mutual love for fitness (and BOSU balls). They met each other at their local Planet Fitness, used the facility for follow-up dates, and even said “I love you” for the first time there. So when Stephanie reached out to thank Planet Fitness for playing such a major role in their love story, the team responded by closing down their local club for the day to host Joe and Stephanie's entire wedding! 

The Planet Fitness-produced video showcasing the couple’s journey (and accompanying pitching efforts) went viral, sparking record-setting social media engagement and earned media impressions. All in a span of just two weeks.


Public Relations
Earned Media
Events & Experiences
Total Impressions

1.9 B+

Feature Placements


Record-setting social engagement well above both industry and brand standards

Photo of a man and woman enjoying Ketel One Vodka

Ketel One Vodka

A photo of Portillo's collaboration with Lou Malnati's

Portillo's + Lou Malnati's

A birds-eye view of Ole & Steen cinnamon roles.

Ole + Steen

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