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For three years, Planet Fitness has invited high schoolers throughout the United States and Canada into its clubs for free all summer long as part of its High School Summer Pass™ program. The goal? To help students stay active and prioritize their mental and physical wellness goals. Planet Fitness intentionally ran its program during a critical time when school was out and important academic and extracurricular programs such as sports, gym class and after-school activities were in recess. In addition to helping participating teens achieve nationally-recommended activity levels, the program's results have spawned brand-best earned coverage in all 50 states and shattered Planet Fitness’ social media records. All the while enabling high school students to use exercise to overcome mental health struggles, year after year.


Public Relations
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37 M+

Participating Students

7.5 M+

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11 B+

Photo of a man and woman enjoying Ketel One Vodka

Ketel One Vodka

A photo of Portillo's collaboration with Lou Malnati's

Portillo's + Lou Malnati's

A birds-eye view of Ole & Steen cinnamon roles.

Ole + Steen

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